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AR becomes more attractive to marketers. It’s a huge market with billions of users and unlimited possibilities. This is why augmented reality can be used widely in the entertainment industry, especially in advertisements. An immersive technology as AR can attract users much better than old-fashioned banners and increase conversion rates to a higher level.

Improve your ads

Increase ad performance by using AR

Augmented reality starts to be a common thing for smartphone users. It’s easy to imagine how a person takes the phone and starts to explore a whole “augmented” world. The number of users with compatible devices increases year over year. Augmented reality can be placed anywhere that makes it easy to reach by the customers. It makes some kind of emotional connection with them which makes it more effective.

Your customers want to be entertained, this is why the art industry uses all kinds of techniques to get the user’s attention. But imagine how you can bring this level of engagement by using AR instead of static or dynamic 2D banners or screens. You can use this great tool to attract more customers and encourage them to buy your new product.

Putting an AR advertisement for your new movie or art-gallery installation can increase conversion rates just because of the more interesting and playful content. This is not only benefits for a particular campaign, such techniques also will increase brand awareness and reputation.

"In 2022 number of AR users will reach
3.5 billions."

Save money with AR promotions

Usually, business run promotions using billboards or banners. These types of outdoor advertising had been worked very well just a few decades ago. But now we had to deal with something more expressive and entertaining. Technologies of today allow making even the offline advertisement very immersive. With augmented reality, you can bring this billboard to life and make it interactive.

You can promote your movie in AR or add new dimensions to the theatre piece — it will bring the viewer attention more than just a TV ad or article in a fashion magazine. The price of 30 seconds TV advertisement is about $115.000 for national airing. It can have impressive results but you can approach it using AR.

Thanks to no-code tools you are able to cut the developer's cost too and use an effective marketing tool for an affordable price. Promote in AR and make your performances more spectacular. Now, this is the way to attract new customers and make the business grow.

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Raise the immersion level

Add new dimensions to performances

The entertainment and media industry growing every year, becoming more competitive. Business needs to find ways to improve performances and make the visual part attractive to potential customers. The industry follows new trends and testing new technologies. A few years ago, when AR and VR technologies were something new, the majority of theaters and art galleries didn’t seem the way how they can improve their products with it.

Now it isn’t risky to integrate augmented reality in a theatre piece or exhibition. Exactly the opposite, now technologies may improve performance and make it more engaging to the viewers. This is why the integration of AR in entertainment and art is a smart move today. It is way cheaper and targets more people who are your potential clients.

Technologies such as Web AR allows you to enhance the capacity and increase the user’s enrollment. More customers will be likely to visit and see your content because they can do it easily without downloading heave apps.


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