build your augmented reality

Augmented reality can be used in any field. You can use it in your business to show the products, make ads and performances more immersive. Or just use it to augment your brand identities like merch and business cards to impress customers and partners. For individual creators, AR offers a lot of possibilities to present their works as 3D modelers and designers.

Build your brand

Increase brand awareness with AR

The brand is that the company should always care about. There are many ways how it should be done, including traditional promotions, etc. Today, everybody is going tech, and how successful it can compete there affect the brand reputation. Year to year, technologies change, and business should always be in a trend using it's in the right way.

The augmented reality is a powerful technology that allows businesses to transform following customer’s needs. AR is supported by people who want to see something new which is useful for their needs. Brand awareness is defined by technology complexness. AR, VR, and AI are the most complicated technologies to build and integrate into business solutions.

THE MISHKA no-code tool can help you to implement augmented reality experiences without any programming skills. For your business, it means way fewer costs for development with the same result.

"90% of companies with annual revenues of $100M to $1B using AR."

Create with AR

Augmented reality can be used not only by marketers, retailers, and businesses. The technology is open for creativity. Be an artist today is easier thank to the ecosystem that allows to design with specialized software and share works with the friends. AR opens new possibilities for 3D artists to make their works live in the real world.

Designers can share AR experiences with their clients and subscribers. A fresh new look to the 3D modeling can create new jobs in the industry. 3D artists will be able to interact directly with augmented reality without third parties.

The no-code solution is the next step to make AR affordable for everybody. Designers can handle the industry and set up new trends.

"38% of companies use AR/VR to engage customers with their brands."

Response to COVID

COVID is having a high impact on the retail industry

Post COVID scenarios are applicable to all of us. There’s no matter in what industry your business is, you’re going to feel its impact for sure. But most affected became retail. During the lockdown, offline selling points have been closed and most of the brands should be doing online sales. But there is more behind it - customer’s behavior has been changed. According to some scenarios, retail will not recover until the second quarter of 2022 and businesses should find new ways to communicate with their customers.

Using augmented reality for retail needs can be a winning strategy. AR can replace “in-store” experience while 2D images and 3D models don’t seem so realistic. With THE MISHKA you can integrate the AR version of the product in your mobile app or website.


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