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We will pay for you. You can forget about server costs and AR development. It’s no more time for bothering about product support. THE MISHKA is hosting all AR experiences you created for free.

Why it’s free?

We want you to enjoy our service, and this is our primary goal. You just pay for the subscription, others we are taking on. Our technical operations and architecture allow us to get you this. We in THE MISHKA, making all possible so your AR journey will be better.

No more costs for servers

THE MISHKA provides hosting services for free. You just run an AR on our platform and the following operations we take on our part. Reduce the server’s costs for AR content support.

How we set pricing?

We have a few subscription plans that will satisfy everybody. The price depends mostly on the number of AR projects you can create in the account. For retailers, one AR project equals one product. However, if you want to discuss a specific plan, contact us.

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Focus on your business

With THE MISHKA, you can focus on your business and your product. You don’t need to have support for the AR created. Use THE MISHKA only as a tool that allows you to use advantages of the augmented reality and save your money and time.

Let AR be simple

Make AR comfortable to use. Forget about all the extra things like servers and support. Stay focused only on the quality of the AR experience you provide to the customers.

If you have any questions, please contact us or reach directly via email.

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Why AR?

Augmented reality (AR) provides high immersive content. With AR your customer can try a product before buying it. Technology engages customers in the shopping process. AR content also makes customers spend more time on your webpage or mobile app. As a result, it increases conversion rates and brand loyalty.

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Allowing customers to test the products in AR provides a better shopping experience. Your clients will be likely to make the next buy with you, thanks to the previous practice. It will help your business to attract and retain customers and increase sales.

attract and retain
What is WebAR?

WebAR is a technology that allows users to interact with augmented reality right in the mobile web browser. It is available for more users both on iOS and Android platforms. Using WebAR is a smart move in 2020. Just one link instead of a whole new app.

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With AR customers can not only view a product as a 3D model. The technology allows them to put it in the real world to see how it fits. The client’s choice will be more informed, which will reduce the percentage of the returns. For business, it means fewer costs for the return and more user confidence.

reduce return’s costs
No-code paradigm

We in THE MISHKA are for no-code AR building. It means that you won’t need any more third-part tools or developers. Just a few clicks in our web editor and your new AR experience is created. To learn more about working with the editor, see our q&a. Or just dive in it’s very simple.

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Providing a high-quality experience and unique services, like an AR view, you strengthen your position on the market. Known as a service with great technical expertise, your business will become more attractive for the customers.

build brand loyalty
Make AR works for you

Give your customers what they want and turn it into your competitive advantage. Increase revenue, cut costs, and create a strong brand. THE MISHKA is here to make it easy and affordable for you.

If you have any questions, please contact us or reach directly via email.

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