Augmented reality for people

The Mishka is a no-code tool to build Web AR experiences in a hassle-free way

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A completely no-code way to create AR

We reimagine the augmented reality creation. The technology should be available for everybody. The Mishka empowers businesses and creative professional with an easy to use solution. Build and integrate AR experiences in seconds.

Let us show you how to use it to boost your sales or find a new way to express yourself as a 3D artist. Digital studio, local business or retailer, media company, or a marketing agency. We’ve got you covered.

For retailers

Sell with new dimensions

Show products in AR like in a real world. Local brand or retailers — let customers see what amazing things you do.

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Increase conversion rates up to 90% for customers who experience your product through AR.

Augmented reality experience is about 3 times more memorable than other types of information.

why us

We’ll put an elephant into your room


Transfer your products or favorite works into the new reality in a few clicks. No code or development.


Share created AR experience with your fans and customers. Auto generated QR-code will make it easy.


Embed Web AR link right into your website or mobile app. Copy and paste the link - now you have it!


Increase conversions allowing users to interact with the hgh-immersion technology. Boost your sales now!

For digital studios

Be creative within new worlds

No development needed - integrate AR into your price list. Improve the technology stack to offer more advanced options and deliver a high-quality augmented reality experience within a few minutes. Not months.

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For media companies

Immerse your promotions

Transform your campaigns into a new reality. Use immersive technologies to create highly effective ads. In digital space or on printed materials - AR will convert it into sales.

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for IT startups

Add difference in your products

Let the customers to live a brand new experience. Use modular Web AR solution to integrate augmented reality into your digital products. Immersive products will increase conversion rates.

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Getting ready to start


Browse our Q&A database to find out answers on the most popular questions. If you want to know how to get a 3D model or does we support .gltf (spoiler, yes) just dive into it.


We care about our customers and offer our design studio partners 3D scan & modeling services. If you are into this we’d love to partner with you. Please contact us, we cannot wait to hear from you.

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Build your first AR experiences for free. No trial or hidden fees included. Just upgrade you plan to get more projects published. Let’s create the content of the future together.